Northland Earth Works

Earthworks & Drainage

At LSH Construction we carry out all machinery works on our construction and installation projects.

Our team of experienced staff operate a range of machinery in tandem with our landscape and construction teams, working on bulk earthworks, drainage trenches electrical trenches, retaining wall construction and rock placement.

LSH Construction operate an extensive range of excavators ranging from 1.4 – 20 tone, supported by a range of trucks and other specialist machinery covering an impressive array of tasks, both large scale or limited access sites.


  • Quality, fast soil levelling & conditioning for new lawns
  • New House/shed & Driveway excavations
  • Levelling & Contouring of soil or metal
  • New house Floor fills
  • Site clean ups
  • Drilling 300 to 600 mm wide by 6 meters deep
  • Concrete removal
  • Metal, Sand, Topsoil supplied